Self-Help Groups

Of the groups below only the singing and writing groups have a specialist lead that supports the group at each session – the rest either have support hovering around in the building if needed, or are completely run by volunteers and the participants.

All groups are free except the kids club which is 50p per session.

Absolutely Everyone

We really welcome new members and pride ourselves on a relaxed & friendly atmosphere at our club where children feel free to express themselves.

Once a week we offer children an informal session where they can come and be themselves, meet their friends (or new friends), chill out, play games or try something creative.

Mondays 3pm till 5pm (not on while the retrofit work is being done, sorry).

Art Group

A weekly session where you can explore your creative skills in drawing, painting, clay, photography, craft etc. Sometimes we might have a theme that people are working to but a lot of the time people are just working on whatever they fancy. 

We get people of all levels through the door, from complete beginners to long term painters, all are welcome and we provide materials & assistance to get you going, a brew and some supportive chat about art or anything.

Tuesdays 1pm till 4pm and Thursdays 1pm till 4pm.

Music group

We offer local people the opportunity to come and express their musical talents in a safe & collaborative space where we are open minded to trying new things and we’re keen to produce quality content in the studio and perform live versions if people would like to.

Whether a seasoned musician, songwriter, singer or just starting your musical journey, you’d be welcome to drop in and see if you fancy helping us do what we do – we’re a great place to start for anyone who hasn’t tried working in a band before.

Tuesdays 3pm till 6pm.

Singing Group

We offer weekly singing to local people who just fancy a go. A session where people of all voices (I can’t really sing and I love it) can come and enjoy singing together – we do a wide variety of songs from The Momas & Papas to Michael Kiwanuka to our own material.

Singing in a group is a very liberating experience and our group is very informal, so please come along whether you’ve the voice of an Angel or not sure if you can sing very well.

Wednesdays 6.30pm till 8pm

If you’d like to know more about any of the groups, please ring Chris on 07971 641824 or email and we’d be more than happy to have a chat.