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Brookfield Spaceplace is the charity that runs the building, ensuring that policies & procedures are followed within the operation of activities and services. It’s legal status is as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and we have been in operation since 1999. Trustees that voluntarily give their time on the board include local residents Debbie, Lynne, Dave & Tyrone and members of the creative team.


There are a number of local volunteers that run or help out at our peer support groups, regular activities and events. Many of them start their connection with the building as participants and as the develop their confidence they start to take charge of things and develop their own ideas. 

The creative team

Each of the 4 people below are self employed. They have creative use of spaces in Soundskills from which they can generate income through projects and commissions- this income then enables them to pay rent to the charity, which in turn helps to pay bills and keeps the Soundskills doors open for all of the voluntary activities to happen. Activities which they in turn help to support creatively.. 

Jamie O’Connor is a Musician that runs the Whitelab project offering music production, guitar tuition and singer songwriter support and he is developing more & more opportunities for people to play live locally including Bsnug events.

Daniel Squires is a multi instrumental Musician and specialises in Composition, Production & Mix Engineering. Based at Soundskills he supports our Monday Music & Samba Band and works with bands & artists throughout Preston & wider areas offering a variety of services ranging from simple pre production demos all the way to big modern productions. 

Liam Blake is a rapper BLKY not only offers musical services such as; Recording, Mixing and mastering, cd artwork design, Branding, and marketing, 1 to 1 tuition as well as workshops. They also offer an array of other services such as; video editing, online video curation, digital design, and more.

Chris Davis is an artist that runs the alison project from Soundskills and has been operational on the Brookfield estate from when he moved there in 1994. 
The visual arts based community development work he does aims to increase people’s self-confidence through the use of creative processes and he specialises in painting, film, graphics & photography.

Overall there is a wealth of creative knowledge & experience at your disposal from our warm & welcoming centre. Whether you’re a creative person at the start of your journey, a seasoned pro or someone that doesn’t even know if they are creative or not – we’d be happy to chat about future opportunities.

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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Enid and I loved coming along to Soundskills listening and learning the guitar and singing. I hope you are able to return soon as I find the atmosphere and indeed everyone involved with this wonderful project absolutely amazing. I would love to be a volunteer when you return.

    1. Hi I think I may have missed something out of the details needed. Please reply as I have some experience and love being involved in Ll things creative.

      Many thanks
      Enid Harrison.

      1. Will get back to you Enid cheers, will be sometime in April but not sure when yet – take care, Chris

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