The people


Brookfield Spaceplace is the charity that runs the building, ensuring that policies & procedures are followed within the operation of activities and services. It’s legal status is as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and we have been in operation since 1999.  We have a board of trustees that voluntarily give their time alongside the creative team to provide a centre to help local residents.


There are a number of local volunteers that enable our self-help groups, regular activities and events. Many of them start their connection with the building as participants and as they develop their confidence they start to take charge of things and develop their own ideas. 
We’re always keen to hear what our volunteers and people who use the building have to say about life in the area and what support we provide – to this end we have started doing podcasts with whoever fancies it and you can hear some here.

The creative team

Both creative practitioners that operate out of Soundskills are are self employed. For the sustainability of our work they have creative use of spaces in Soundskills from which they can generate income through projects and commissions to engage local people in – this income then enables them to pay rent to the charity, which in turn helps to cover the centre’s bills and keeps the Soundskills doors open for all of the voluntary activities to happen. Activities which they in turn help to support creatively.

Liam Blake runs the Soundskills Studio, specialising in music production, rapping, beat-making, performance skills and lyric writing support. Guitar, keyboard & drum lessons can also be arranged through our network of musicians that use the centre and we are developing more & more opportunities for people to play live locally including Bsnug events.

Liam also supports the Tuesday afternoon 3pm till 6pm music self help group too, where people can come to jam/record music in the studio.

Chris Davis runs the visual side of things from the photo studio upstairs. He specialises in painting, film & photography and can also support people with graphics & computer based visual production (including WordPress website production).

Chris also supports the Tuesday & Thursday afternoon 1pm till 4pm art self help groups too, where people can come to create art & craft in the activity room or makerspace.

Together the team aims to increase local people’s self-confidence through the use of creative processes. Parallel to this they offer professional creative services & support to enable a range of artists to produce ‘quality’ content.

Overall there is a wealth of creative knowledge & experience at your disposal from our warm & welcoming team at the centre. Whether you’re a creative person at the start of your journey, a seasoned pro or someone that doesn’t even know if they are creative or not – we’d be happy to chat about future opportunities.