Project partners


Brookfield Spaceplace

Brookfield Spaceplace is the charity that runs the building, ensuring that policies & procedures are followed within the operation o activities and services. It’s legal status is as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and we have been in operation since 1999.



The alison project has been operational on the Brookfield estate since 1994.

Creative community development is our way of ensuring that while we use creative processes (painting, film, graphics, photography, sculpture etc) and often produce creative product, the number one value that we hold is that we are in service to local people.



Whitelab offers people the chance to write, produce & record their own music in a high-end studio, using industry standard equipment, culminating in high quality recordings. Support with guitar, keyboard & drums is also given and we are developing more & more opportunity for people to play live locally including Bsnug events.

Soundskills, Brookfield, which is home for Whitelab, also offers HD filming & photography to compliment our music work.

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